Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is coming up. Connor's grandma crocheted me a really cute scarf for Christmas, Connor got me the shirt I wanted from the rvca x Erin Wasson collab, and now it's snowing and the ground is blanketed in white. It's been a melancholy season but it feels nice to stay in bed today, burrowed under warm blankets watching the snow fall from my window and playing games on my DS. This winter I want to practice crocheting so I can eventually learn to make Irish lace and I'd like to write more. I need to organize my time better so I can get everything done and not be so lazy about certain things anymore...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"My love for those I love -- not many -- not very many, but don't I love them so?"

I find that at this point I'm at a standstill. I think I know what changes I should make but it's so difficult to actually go through with those changes. A lot of bad things happened this past year and a half, culminating in the loss of my dad two weeks ago but I'm trying to take all of these things and turn them into something positive.

This is my favorite time of year as the cold weather sets in and the cloudy days begin to outnumber the clear. I'm planning on surprising my family on Christmas with a puppy adopted from a local animal shelter and I have a lot of handmade gift ideas for the other people on my list.